Powering Up Procurement with Process Mining

Powering Procurement with Process Mining

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Powering Procurement with Process Mining

Despite years of multi-million-dollar technology investments including eProcurement suites, spend analytics, eSourcing and e-invoicing, productivity and outputs for the majority of Procurement departments continue to run below expectations. And that was before COVID-19, international conflicts, and inflation created unprecedented disruption and a slew of new challenges. With the continued spotlight on Procurement’s activities and responsibilities, leaders have a unique opportunity to deliver true strategic value to the business and outrun inflation, all while continuing to reduce costs.

Check our Procurement eBook to learn:

  • How to reveal and fix inefficiencies in Procurement with process mining.

  • Why nearly half (47.3%) of POs aren’t right the first time — and how Celonis can help .

  • The Procurement outcomes and KPIs you can improve, from increasing ‘Perfect PO’ rates to reducing maverick buying.

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