Global virtual event - June 24, 2022

Global Ecosystem Hackathon

Data-driven solutions help companies tackle their most pressing business transformation challenges are needed now more than ever before. 

So we are excited to invite you to our first Global Ecosystem Hackathon, a virtual event for partners with a goal to inspire innovation and create new solutions for use cases like Sustainability, Financial Services  Supply Chain Transformation,  and Customer Service. 

Sustainablity Image
Sustainablity Image

On June 24, our Ecosystem partners are coming together to learn about the potential of the EMS expanding upon core use cases, to develop skills and expertise in applying EMS to tackle the world's top business challenges. What makes this challenge unique is not only the critical topics but also the community of passionate EMS users that are coming together to identify solutions together in teams with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We will be pairing consultants and other industry partners with students and Celonauts to work together for the best outcomes! 

Compete as a team and get support from our experts to develop a live app use case. All you need is an idea and a passion for innovation. BYOD (bring your own data!) or we can provide. Prizes will be awarded for creativity, impact and best overall solution. Winning teams will receive a chance to donate to a charity of their choice, free support to build out the App,  and an exclusive marketing opportunity.

Alex Quote

There is no Planet B - this is why one of our core value at Celonis is “Earth is our future”! We need to join forces to tackle the most important execution challenge of our time - creating a sustainable future.

Alexander Rinke
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Janina Nakladal

“Process Mining has never just been a technology to me but a way of thinking. I am convinced this mindset will bring sustainable ideas to life – for our customers, society, the environment and us, the Celonis team.”

Janina Nakladal
Director of Sustainability

Details on the Event

What can we expect from this Hackathon? 

On June 24, many teams from partners from all around the world will come together to kick off this Hackathon! Together, your group will work together as a team to 

  1. Research and become experts in your selected use case

  2. Learn about the general potential of the EMS for your use case(s) and then use this knowledge to identify key barriers to tackle and KPIs to work towards in order to improve the current state of this topic 

  3. Prepare to present your use case solution on June 29 to our expert panel

We will select the top solution based on creativity, impact, and overall solution and award the winner with a donation to a charity of choice, exclusive co-marketing opportunities as well as dedicated support to fully build out the solution in Celonis Studio and feature in our Ecosystem Marketplace.

What do we need to bring? 

We ask you to bring your energy, passion for Celonis, and ideally a use case in mind. BYOD - bring your own data or we provide you with a data set.

Timeline for the Hackathon

Up until June 10
Up until June 10
Registration and Group Matching

Sign up until June 10 to take part in our global Hackathon. We will share information about the details of the event upfront.

Beginning of June
Beginning of June
Team Briefing

We will set up a briefing call with your team to walk through the details of the hackathon, answer all open questions and start brainstorming on a use case.

June 24
June 24
Hacking Day

Today is the day! We get together globally to learn about the EMS’ use cases and work on our own solutions.

Agenda for the day (CET and ET time)
June 29
June 29
Presentation & Awards

The results from the Hackathon are presented in a global session where the best teams will be awared for their creativity, impact and best overall solution.

Exemplary Use Cases


How can customers achieve their ambitious ESG goals by embedding sustainability into the DNA of their business processes?

Supply Chain

Connect the dynamic pillars of an organization's supply chain network and break through today's global challenges.

Financial Services

Develop a framework for financial institutions to regulate compliance requirements for their customers through the KYC process and digitize the review processes.

Customer Service

Help businesses grow their customer experience through digital transformation and unlock the path for the growth and success.

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Ready to start hacking?

Register your team until June 10 to join in for our hackathon!


Whether you’re curious about our general sustainability positioning, looking for specific use cases materials, wanting to learn about previous customer projects, or simply would like to discuss how you can start to integrate sustainability into your process mining offerings, simply reach out to our sustainability team or your Celonis SPOC.

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