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Accenture COโ‚‚ Reduction Shipment

Reduce your COโ‚‚ emissions by optimizing your shipping behavior

The Carbon Reduction App provides you a tool to dive into the largest source of COโ‚‚ emission of your value chain. Focusing on the logistics and shipments of your goods.

This is where Accenture and Celonis Combine their Strengths

By quantifying the shipment emissions based on their different modes of transportation and leveraging process automation you can quantify and reduce the COโ‚‚ย emissions. In order to achieve this, the app helps you to:

  • Understand the share of each transportation mode in the total COโ‚‚ emission

  • Obtain data-driven insights in root causes of high COโ‚‚ emissions

  • Reduce COโ‚‚ emissions of logistics and shipment

Features & Capabilities

This dashboard enables leadership to track KPIs and set value-based strategies. The main drivers for COโ‚‚ emission within the Order-to-Cash process are the share of Air Transport in shipping and the number of Return Orders. For this the KPIs and their value is shown as well as the development over time.

Accenture - Leadership Dashboard

This sheet allows analysts to perform root cause analyses on the emissions KPIs regarding transportation types. This way the process can be improved to prioritize carbon friendly modes of transportation.

Accenture - Analyst Sheet Transportation Type

Operational staff can use this sheet to make the shipment schedules that consider the emissions per shipment. It indicates what would be required to switch from a high emissions transportation type to a low emissions transportation type.

Accenture Operational Sheet Shipment Scheduling
Accenture - Leadership Dashboard
Accenture - Analyst Sheet Transportation Type
Accenture Operational Sheet Shipment Scheduling

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