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Accenture R2R Period End Close

Get an in-depth understanding of your Period End Close process

The Period End Close App helps companies understand their period end activities better.

While the focus of modern finance departments is on supporting the business and driving value, most of the accountantsโ€™ time is spent on basic activities, such as the period end close. Managing these activities to a high reporting standard and within a narrow reporting period is an ambitious task that few companies have mastered. This holds true also for companies who implemented advanced PEC management tools.

With Accentureโ€™s Period End Close App you can get meaningful insights into the End-to-End Period End Close process and all of its key subprocesses. You can spot bottlenecks, identify what causes delays, investigate which subprocesses have negative impact on the whole process, measure workload per team and discover the critical path of the process.

You can get all these insights using the Period End Close App.

  • Review each Period End Close subprocess separately

  • Benchmark Period End Close processes across entities and fiscal periods

  • Verify timeliness of activities by period end workday, identify task deviation from schedule by team responsible

  • Drive completion ratio by analyzing the results by task type, entity, or period

  • Increase Period End Close automation

Features & Capabilities

Get an impression of the performance of your Record-to-Reports Period End Close process at a glance.

accenture - Overview

Activity flow on a subprocess level

accenture - Process explorer

Compare process across entities and months

accenture - Benchmarking tool

Find out workload per workday and deviations from schedule

Accenture - Timeliness

Verify completion ratio by task type, entity, and team responsible

Accenture - Completion

Analyze automation ratio by region and country

Accenture - Automation
accenture - Overview
accenture - Process explorer
accenture - Benchmarking tool
Accenture - Timeliness
Accenture - Completion
Accenture - Automation

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