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IBM - Accounts Receivable for Oracle ERP Cloud

Cash in, inefficiencies out with insights from across Accounts Receivable

IBM Accounts Receivable for Oracle ERP Cloud provides insights across the end-to-end Accounts Receivable process from Shipment to Cash Collection. It covers the essentials of Revenue Management, Working Capital Management, and Labor Productivity, to monitor relevant KPIs, avoid unforeseen circumstances with early warnings, and benchmark performance to industry standards. By using the app, teams can achieve “faster time to insights” and improve performance using automatic action flows.

This is where BM and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Reduced spend and revenue leakage.

  • Improved cash flow and payment rate.

  • Greater employee productivity.

  • Compliant process with lower risk.

Features & Capabilities

Accounts Receivable Managers can use the Process Cockpit to get a bird’s eye view of overall performance and quickly identify areas where improvements may be needed. They can see:
• KPIs Related to Transactions and Receipts
• Invoice and Receipt Trends
• Invoice by Value, Document Type & / Company Code
• Collection Activity by Mode of Communication

IBM AROC process cockpit

The Receivables Drilldown provides Managers the detail around Days Sales Outstanding (DSO by various dimensions like:
• Distribution of DSO
• DSO by Customers
• Credit Note Creation and Value Trend

IBM AROC receivables

The Working Capital analysis reveals:
• Payment Behavior
• Invoice Count and Open Amount and Counts
• Avg. Days Late
• Open Invoice Count
• Total Amount Due
• Collection Effectiveness Index (CEI)
These insights enable Collections teams to follow up with appropriate actions.

IBM AROC working capital management

Human performance can reveal insights for automation and upskilling opportunities. The Labor Productivity analysis does this by showing:
• First Time Right Rate
• Automation Rate
• Cycle Time (Process Start to End , Invoice Creation to Send Invoice, Cash Receipt Creation to Receipt Clearance)
• First Time Right, Recurring, Rework

IBM AROC labor productivity

With the Risk Management analysis, Analysts can quickly identify:
• Delinquent Transactions
• Change Rate Amount
• Top 10 Delinquent Customers
With this information, they can work to effectively mitigate the risk of non-payment.

IBM AROC risk management

Finance Executives and Accounts Receivable Managers are able to benchmark team performance to industry standards and top quartile companies. Industry standards are provided by IBM Institute of Business Value.

IBM AROC benchmarking

The ultimate process improvement for highly manual activities is to apply Intelligent Automation. The Automation Feasibility analysis identifies automation opportunities by showing:
• Automation by Activity
• Automation Creation Trend
• Manual vs Automation Activities
• Suggested Automation Feasibility”

IBM AROC automation feasibility
IBM AROC process cockpit
IBM AROC receivables
IBM AROC working capital management
IBM AROC labor productivity
IBM AROC risk management
IBM AROC benchmarking
IBM AROC automation feasibility

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