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amunia Opportunity Management for SAP CRM

The path to sales excellence doesn’t have to be cloudy

If you work with the sales roles of SAP CRM, you are aware of scattered information across your system. You see the single data points in WebUI views, custom-built reports, or even single SQL tables, but it is hard to tell the forest from the trees.

Who are the valuable customers? Which opportunities seem the most promising? What do the most successful account executives do differently that others could learn from? What is the projected sales volume in the next quarters? You probably have many more questions, but time spent on analyzing sales data is time not spent on planning, coaching, or talking to customers.

Amunia Opportunity Management lets you navigate SAP CRM sales data with ease. We combine the unique capabilities of Celonis with our deep expertise in SAP CRM to support you in what matters to you. The information you need exists, now it is also accessible. This is where Celonis and amunia combine their strengths

  • Process-based analysis of sales cycles

  • Aggregate view of sales force performance

  • Individual sales performance and effects of seasonality

  • Identify the root causes of sales success and translate them into sales excellence

Features & Capabilities

Measure your sales KPIs like sales volume, conversion rates or cycle times. Dissect them by time, customer, or account executive and create the link between KPIs and your process flows by drilling down to the level of single sales cycles.

amunia Sales Performance

Extract your sales quotas directly from your SAP CRM source system to analyze overall and individual quota attainment.

amunia Quota

Aggregate opportunity data and conversion probabilities to be able to project sales in the next months or quarters and by account executive.

amunia Sales Pipeline
amunia Sales Performance
amunia Quota
amunia Sales Pipeline

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