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Apolix Admission and Application Process Optimiser

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Recruit top talents, from all around the world

The admission & recruitment for higher education app ensures a frictionless application for every student.

The fierce competition for international top students requires institutes to offer the best experience. For applications, this includes a personalized experience, smooth processes, fast response times and proactive communication.

Understand a studentโ€™s perspective and gain a clear overview of the pain points during their application. Actively engage with the students and make them feel welcome at your institution, also during peak times. This is the only way to reel in international top talent and increase your revenue for better education.

Key benefits
โ€ข Understand the friction throughout your application process
โ€ข Proactively engage with applicants at the exact right moment
โ€ข Effectively allocate scarce resources to help the largest group of applicants

Features & Capabilities

Monitor the performance of student groups

Monitor the performance for each defined student group. Intervene when key metrics hit thresholds and see the effect of your actions

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Drill down on the customer journey

Enhance the application journey for applicants by ensuring a smooth and efficient admission process and reduced bottlenecks. Then allow faculties to benchmark across their admission processes to obtain best practices

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Identify key drivers for high dropout rate

Ability to benchmark specified student groups based on different background and quickly identify improvement opportunities prioritized by impact

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