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Aptivio Buyer Intent

Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline Growth

Aptivio's Buyer Intent AI platform is built to drive and support action in real-time, fuel sales pipeline growth, and produce revenue outcomes. It’s an all-in-one AI-powered package that empowers digital sellers, provides opportunity discovery and blind spot coverage, predicts customer buying stage at every level, leverages existing networks, and monitors and detects early risks to allow revenue teams to stay a step ahead of the competition. Aptivio also uses AI to automate the mundane tasks of the sales development process to help sellers not just with prospecting, contacting, and relationship building, but also with creating synergy between the sales and marketing teams.

This is where Aptivio and Celonis Combine their Strengths

  • Accelerates early-stage new client pipelines

  • Optimizes most important sales KPIs

  • Cross-sells new offerings into existing clients

  • Shortened sales cycle and lower Cost of Sale

Features and Capabilities

Opportunity whitespace is tailored to your G2M playbook, providing insight into sales ready leads, and creates an overview of your team’s progress to facilitate sales pipeline growth.

  • Monitor your team’s usage to drive sales pipeline growth
  • Follow your team’s performance
  • Access to high intent leads in the purchase cycle
Aptivio_Opportunity Whitespace Dashboard

Aptivio aggregates multiple data providers to provide you the most accurate contact information to accelerate the sales process by eliminating the scavenger hunt for contact info, showing your network connections, and creating personalized sales scripts.

  • Access sales ready leads
  • Leverage contact info to create warm intros
  • Monitor Competitor risk
Aptivio_Exceed your Quota

Aptivio’s platform is built to support each role of your revenue growth team. See an increase in your marketing attribution towards revenue in 40% as campaigns are directly connected back to the sales opp, and receive nurture ready leads and campaigns.

  • Receive real time notifications for your sales team for hot leads and alerts for your market team when a new campaign opportunity is identified
  • Access to custom audience of ideal customer profiles to create custom contact lists
  • Our Campaign Wizard allows you to individually launch a new campaign to generate sales leads
Aptivio_Integrated Sales & Marketing
Aptivio_Opportunity Whitespace Dashboard
Aptivio_Exceed your Quota
Aptivio_Integrated Sales & Marketing

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