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Procurement analytics

Accenture’s Ariba Procurement Analytics Application is a unique and comprehensive package related to the Ariba requisitioning process. It analyses and addresses key operational aspects of the PR to PO process, to drive operational excellence and increased efficiencies. Offers real time insights into key KPIs, addresses key business requirements to get into the details of procurement operations and fix the processes at the grass root level. Helps to analyze the inflight and completed PRs on key objectives, gives visibility into catalogue usage, source system, approvals, spend analytics etc. on a single platform. It also leverages action flows to address delays in the process, non-compliance, system errors, consolidation opportunities and leads to considerable reduction in process turnaround time.

This is where Accenture and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Bringing together all data related to Purchase requisitions, Catalog usage, Guided buying, approval analytics, etc. on a single platform.

  • Enables quick decision-making based on real-time insights from the data.

  • Identify and automate corrective actions, early warnings.

  • Drives effective work Management, actions, and automation.

  • Considerable reduction in process turnaround time.

Features & Capabilities

Entails all the key metrics from a Business Intelligence perspective.
With variety of filters, it shows below important metrics, all in a single view.

  • #Requisitions
  • #Req line items
  • Net order value
  • PR to PO TAT
  • Approved PO volume
  • Cumulative approval hours etc.

Catalog usage entails important KPIs like..

  • Catalog utilization (PR Line)
  • Non-catalog PR Value
  • Catalog line%
  • Catalog supplier line %
  • Catalog% chart
  • Catalog Usage Ratio
  • Item frequency distribution
  • Details of requisition

This view entails approval related KPIs like

  • #Requisitions
  • #Approvals
  • Avg approvals
  • Drilldown by GL
  • Approval duration by approval rule
  • #of approvals by assigned approvals
  • Approval details
  • Approval Duration trend
  • Approval duration by approver
  • Commodity code details
  • Requisition value details

Guided buying Utilization View


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