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BearingPoint Digital Testing

Know what you need to test

The BearingPoint Asset for Digital Testing enables clients to cover most critical processes by test cases for any release upgrade or ERP transformation.

Generally, business departments struggle by defining which test case have to be performed to cover as much business risk as possible and having on the other side a lack of resources for testing.

Especially for release & transformation projects it is necessary to test the most critical processes efficiently, making sure that no side effects cause any defects which may lead to high opportunity costs and risks for business.

This is where Celonis and BearingPoint Combine their Strengths

  • Risk-based testing is transparently represented by transferring data from Celonis to the corresponding Application Lifecycle Management Tool

  • Get to know where test automation should be applied by considering process duration time

  • Cover most critical process variants for testing to allocate resources for testing best

Features & Capabilities

Generate test requirements based on Celonis processes.

BearingPoint - Processes as requirements

Transfer processes, process steps and variants as test cases.

BearingPoint - Process steps and variants as test cases
BearingPoint - Processes as requirements
BearingPoint - Process steps and variants as test cases

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