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Execution App

Collections Management


Make that cash flow faster

Maximize your execution capacity across these KPIs




24.1 days

Days Sales Outstanding





Collection Effectiveness Index





Operational Cost of Collections per Customer

Achieve maximum capacity in AR

Understand your Collections

Come to grips with how your AR really runs with process mining.

Focus on the right customers

Predict likelihood-to-pay with machine learning.

Reduce manual work

Take touchless action across your ERP, CRM, and email with automation.

Here’s how it works



The app leverages process mining technology to extract data in real-time from source systems and measure capacity. It identifies and visualizes execution gaps — like high value invoices at risk of non-payment — that limit your execution capacity.



The app knows the right course of action to close gaps. Based on machine learning and execution best-practices, it suggests the best steps — such as automatically requesting support from sales for high-risk customers— to eliminate the most impactful execution gaps and help maximize execution capacity.



The app takes action in a number of ways. It automates real-time actions across systems — such as automatically logging a customer escalation in your CRM — as well as deploys the right people to remove gaps — highlighting a pattern of broken promise-to-pay dates, for example.

For CFOs

CM Control Center
Turn AR into cash as fast as possible
Pre-emptively mitigate risk of non-payment
Operate with real-time, machine-learning driven forecasts
Prioritize your teams based on customers’ likelihood to pay

For Finance leaders

CM Collections
Align your entire organization with the click of a button
Eliminate manual reporting with real-time KPI monitoring
Be alerted to gaps in your collection team’s execution
Make your collectors’ jobs much, much easier

For Collections Managers

CM Steering
Visualize your collections’ KPIs in real time
Review the most impactful execution gaps for each KPI
Take immediate action against chronic issues
Set intelligent targets and mobilize your team to tackle what’s most important
Leverage built-in automations to free up your people’s time

For Collectors

CM Action
Work on customers automatically sorted by their value and likelihood to pay
Get next-best action recommendations to achieve your goals
Make calls with complete customer information at your fingertips
Spend your time where it matters — not on boring and repetitive tasks
See the direct impact of your work on company targets

Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results


Increase in on-time payments from customers



Recovered in 9 months



Reduction in past due AR from high-risk customers


Sysmex recovered $3.4M in overdue service contracts in just 30 days using Celonis

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The Celonis Execution Management System helps businesses increase execution capacity in Customer Operations, Finance & Administration, Supply & Distribution, and Products & Services.

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