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IBM - Credit Card Onboarding

Credit card processing that will make everyone smile - operations through to your customer

IBM Credit Card Onboarding application will help retail banks streamline their credit card onboarding process, improve customer service, and grow the business while reducing bank risk. It uses a proprietary IBM Process Excellence framework to:

-Provide a Management Dashboard that allows Operational and Business Managers to quickly see performance scores across Efficiency, Experience, and Compliance and determine where improvements may be needed.

-Identify process variations and enable detailed root cause analysis of KPIs across branches, geos, and cards.

-Inform where rework in the process like send backs, multiple reviews, and checks can be eliminated. Framework KPIs include: Turn Around Time, Send backs/Rework, Automation across levels, Repetitive Customer Connect, Bypass mandatory activities

This is where IBM and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Lower risk

  • Business growth

  • Lower cost of operations

Features & Capabilities

A proprietary IBM Process Excellence framework to categorize KPIs is the foundation for the Management Dashboard. It provides Operational and Business Managers the ability to:

  • Monitor and improve Efficiency, Compliance and Experience KPIs
  • Show business impact of performance measures across the end-to-end credit card onboarding process
  • Have a single source of truth for global card operations and compliance reporting

The Efficiency view helps Managers and teams:

  • Identify the common challenges and gaps in Turn Around Time, Rework Rates and Automation to continuously improve the onboarding process
  • Drill down on each of the Efficiency KPIs to uncover the root cause, address challenges, and propagate best practices

The Compliance view helps Managers and teams:

  • Identify the common challenges, trends and gaps in compliance parameters to lower overall risk to the Bank
  • Drill down on root cause for bypassing mandatory activity
  • Focus on issues related to incomplete documents that may elevate risk and cause Send backs and Rework

The Experience view helps Managers and Customer Service teams:

  • Enhance the customer experience by delivering cards “first time right”, without repetitive touchpoints with customers
  • Identify branches and activities that are leading towards repetitive customer connects and impacting the overall experience

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