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Deloitte EWM Outbound Logistics Solution


Identify execution gaps in your logistics process to optimize warehouse management operations

Process Mining in SAP EWM offers full transparency of processes, generating knowledge that forms the basis for process optimization measures and the starting point for continuous operational excellence. Our team of experienced data scientists, SAP EWM experts, and business process consultants have created a ready-to-use process mining data model, including pre-defined dashboards, which is the foundation for kick-starting implementation projects and generating benefits immediately.

The key benefits of using this solution are:

โ€ข Have full transparency in outbound logistics processes from sales order creation to goods issue posting
โ€ข Identify your reworks activities and understand the bottlenecks of the process through the pre-built dashboards for warehouse process analysis
โ€ข Obtain insights of your warehouse mangement over time and take actions against the root cause of business inefficiencies

Features & Capabilities

Performance Overview

Provide an overview of all warehouse management KPIs over time

EWM โ€“ Outbound Overview

The solution allows users to explore areas where work is delayed and identify the causes of bottlenecks. For example, if certain trucks occupy loading docks longer than expected, this information can be cross-referenced with available metadata to identify correlations with certain carriers or material groups

Outbound Overview
EWM โ€“ Outbound Rework

The root cause analysis of rework in Warehousing Events can help users avoid rework and making the logistics processes more efficient