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Product Lifecycle Management Analytics - by Deloitte

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Govern your Product Lifecycle Management smarter

Establish Process Excellence and strive for a harmonic and holistic Product Lifecycle Management strategy

PLM processes present high complexity and a variety of involved departments.
With Deloitte PLM analytics, customers acquire instant and profound knowledge on their Product Lifecycle Management process. Combining the relevant workflows and source systems is hereby key for tearing down traditionally grown silo thinking among requirements engineering, development, production and supply chain.

Our solution will support your organization to:
โ€ข Regain process transparency instantly
โ€ข Accelerate your process by identifying slow- and non-movers
โ€ข Analyze and optimize key cost drivers such as rework, material and warranty cost
โ€ข Drill down on root causes for compliance breaches, avoid missing approval workflows and reduce financial exposure to legal fines

Our team of skilled data scientists and PLM experts has developed a ready-to-use execution instrument.
We are more than happy to share knowledge and leverage our expertise into a variety of PLM related systems and processes.

Features & Capabilities

Change Requests

The change request dashboard shows successfully executed change requests and the status of ongoing ones. Slow- and non-moving change requests should be investigated and tackled timely

Change Requests
Compliance โ€“ Expose the legal issue

This dashboard provides an overview of the frequency of desired and undesired process behavior. Identify and analyze certain process flows that do not follow the target processes since these undesired process flows cause the enormous legal exposure

Throughput time โ€“ Discover the bottlenecks and rework activities

This analysis will provide information on (extensive) throughput times and enable users to reveal the actual root causes such as bottlenecks and undesired rework activities

Throughput Times
Change Requests
Throughput Times

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