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Doculabs Claims Execution Management Solution


Manage your claims processing more effectively

Doculabs claims management execution solution provides claims managers and executives an end-to-end solution to improving the claims process efficiency and effectiveness. The solution is used to identify execution gaps, such as lack of process standardization, rework, overpayment, assignment to the wrong adjusters and lack of automation. Further, it helps organizations to identify improvement opportunities, realize them, and monitor the claims process execution againstvalue metrics as they continue to improve.

The goal is to:
โ€ข Reduce claims overpayment and loss adjustment expense.
โ€ข Reduce long cycle times and NIGO quality issues due to lack of standardization,digitization, and automation.
โ€ข Reduce rework, redundant processing, and reopened claims.

Features & Capabilities

Analyze your process data in real-time from source systems like Guidewire, Hyland On Base or homegrown systems

Visualize your process with end-to-end transparency and identify execution gaps like overpayment, dissatisfaction, and rework that limit your execution capacity

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Provision of a structured overview of payments made and potential overpayments

The App analyzes data in real-time from source systems. It identifies and visualizes execution gaps โ€” like overpayment, dissatisfaction, and rework โ€” that limit your execution capacity.

Go into the details of daily claims transactions

On a claim by claim level provide recommendations to implement and automate improvements as well as monitor overall performance to check conformance against critical value metrics

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Feature 1 screenshot