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Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Accelerator


Migrate cheaper and faster

Customer-centric process migrations are painful and manual for many companies with thousands of processes locked in legacy business process management or workflow platforms. As organizations look to transform the customer experience and modernize old workflows, the burden and cost to migrate becomes a major inhibitor in their ability to move forward with digital initiatives.

The Doculabsโ€™ Workflow Process Migration Accelerator can help provide you with automated insights into your current processes and a path forward in reaching your migration goals, saving time and costs in your process migration efforts.

This is where Celonis and Doculabs combine their strengths
Our solution utilizes process mining combined with decades of benchmark data and experience to help companies:
โ€ข Automate the discovery of as-is processes, reducing the manual effort and time invested to diagnosing current state processes
โ€ข Compare old and new processes to determine the resulting impact on cost and value
โ€ข Accelerate Compliance sign-off on migrated processes
โ€ข Auto-generate BPMN maps to facilitate rapid movement to target environment

Features & Capabilities

Process Class Analysis

Quickly compare like processes side-by-side, identifying variations and business drivers involved to uncover differences and similarities that can be consolidated or standardized before migration into your new workflow system

Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Accelerator
Single Process Analysis Tool

Our proprietary formula embedded in our Health, Fit, and Value tool provides instant insights into how efficient, effective, and important a process is to your business.

Doculabs Single Process Analysis Tool
Doculabs Workflow Process Migration Accelerator
Doculabs Single Process Analysis Tool

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