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Maximize your execution capacity

Execution Apps


What is an Execution App?

The Celonis Execution Applications identify execution gaps, know which ones have the biggest business impact, and the best-in-class approach to fix them. They act by automating routine decisions and, when necessary, activate the right people to take action โ€” so your department can execute at its full potential.

Drive breakthroughs in your business execution

Achieve best-in-class KPIs

Set your goals. Execution Apps will intelligently automate workflows across systems, prioritize work by impact and alert your people to their next best action to achieve them.

Drive productivity

Thanks to a role-based UI, leaders can steer more confidently, managers act more proactively, and each and every employee can work more efficiently. Everyone can execute without limits.

Execute without limits

By identifying gaps and knowing exactly how to fix them, the apps enable people at every level of the organization to take the right actions at the right time to drive breakthrough results.

Best practice for every use case

Benefit from our thriving ecosystem of bespoke solutions across all business areas. The apps bundle execution best practices with EMS capabilities specific to your department.

3 steps to maximizing execution capacity



Celonis applications and instruments leverage process mining technology to extract data in real-time from source systems and measure capacity. They identify and visualize the execution gaps limiting execution capacity.



Celonis Execution Applications know the right course of action to close gaps. Based on machine learning and execution best-practices, they suggest the best steps to eliminate the most impactful execution gaps and help maximize execution capacity.



Celonis Execution Applications take action in a number of ways, both by automating real-time actions across systems, as well as deploying the right people to remove gaps.

Build your own Execution App

Is the perfect app for you not available yet? Join our ecosystem of customers, partners and third-party developers developing their bespoke solutions using Celonis Studio.

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Before Celonis, we realized only 61% of our cash discount. Today we are achieving 90%. By combining data, insight and automation, the Accounts Payable Execution App makes day-to-day work so much more productive.โ€

Jan Fuhr, Process Mining Lead.
Fresenius Kabi

โ€˜After 20 years running Sales Strategy and Operationsโ€™ teams globally, there is finally a simple and programmatic way to empower our sales teams towards better execution. By looking at the historical performance of similar opportunities and applying identified successful best practices, we can spur our teams on to even greater achievements. Itโ€™s a no-brainer for us!โ€™

Arsenio Otero, Celonis COO and
ex-COO International at Salesforce

Itโ€™s time to break through

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