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Genpact Record to Report Process Optimizer

Optimizing closing and reporting using domain and data strength

Customers are facing challenges in record-to-report (R2R) processes due to suboptimal and fragmented process design, intensive manual efforts, data availability issues, and poor operating models.

Assessing overall processes through a domain lens and bringing data insights will improve process maturity and accelerate the data to insights to action loop.

These are your Benefits from the Combination of the Strengths of Genpact and Celonis

  • Identify opportunities to reduce exceptions

  • Optimize view of closing and reporting to accelerate time to market

  • Enhanced controllership by improving operational risk management

This is how Genpact and Celonis Combine their Strengths

Data-driven insights: Celonis is leveraged for visualization of individual insights around KPIs and metrics and further creating an analytical view at the required granularity. Key dimensions include region, functional segments, account type, trading partner, and more, to create persona-driven views.

Granular process view: We use our domain-led proprietary frameworks to assess processes holistically – for example, ContiClose, ProcIndex, and Intelligent Automation Index generate comprehensive process insights.

Action engine: Suitable actions are enabled to provide real-time alerts with prescriptive and predictive insights to act on.

Continuous Improvement: Establishment of a strong operating model to drive insights to actions to outcomes on a real-time basis.

Features & Capabilities

Measures the overall timeliness of ServiceNow tickets and generates actionable insights. You can increase the performance of ServiceNow or similar micro-platforms by identifying areas with high resolution time and low service-level agreement adherence.

Genpact ServiceNow Performance Analysis

Provides cycle time across sets of activities and subprocesses. Drill down by relevant dimensions and ideal cycle time ratio to perform root-cause analysis.

Genpact Deep Dive into Cycle Time

Helps analyze low-value entries by using dynamic thresholds within the tool and identify non-adherent cases. This analysis helps in enforcing governance on the low-value journals posted during close and move such journals out of critical close days.

Genpact Low-Value Posting Analysis

Helps conduct an analysis of late entries (post-General Ledger close) along with profit-and-loss impact for enhanced control and governance.

Genpact Late Posting Analysis

Analysis of the month-end-close-critical tasks, including journal entries. Critical month-close task view by workday and region, which directionally help with a preliminary peak load analysis.

Genpact Analysis of Critical Month-End-Close Tasks
Genpact ServiceNow Performance Analysis
Genpact Deep Dive into Cycle Time
Genpact Low-Value Posting Analysis
Genpact Late Posting Analysis
Genpact Analysis of Critical Month-End-Close Tasks

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