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Navcara - Incident Management: Priority Driven and Response Time

Enhance incident resolution processes

Navcara's Incident Management Priority Driven and Response Time App enhance incident resolution processes app help companies identify visibility, and execution gaps, increase customer and employee satisfaction with faster resolution time, and Save costs significantly by providing high-quality service. It provides relevant insights to improve ITSM business services determining the right course of action based on incident priorities at the same time-saving cost. It helps find an efficient employee by comparison of various components. It also features an AI-powered process assistant and notifies the assignee by sharing the incident number, Company, and short description.

This is where Navcara and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Eliminate the root cause of unassigned tickets and optimize ticket assignments.

  • Reduce the adverse impact of incidents on business.

  • Visualizing the key KPIs and allowing the users to monitor against their overall business objective.

  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction as well as reduce the cost.

  • Monitoring the performance and taking actions based on incidents priority levels.

  • The action engine sends an email to the assigned person to notify them of the activity. This helps speed up the resolution time and improve the overall efficiency.

Features & Capabilities

  • Identifying execution gaps and increase customer & employee satisfaction with faster resolution time.
  • Minimize cost and working time response.
  • Identify the progress of incident based on incident stage which gives you the overall count and percent.
  • A report shows tickets opened vs. closed for Months and Years.
Navcara IMSNOW incident dashboard
  • Percentage of incidents resolved by assigned employees.
  • Incidents analysis based on days spent and working hours.
  • Average duration per assignee.
  • Identify the root cause of problem and incidents to get the valuable insights.
Navcara IMSNOW assignee dashboard
  • Severity of incidents.
  • Status of incidents based on their assignment groups.
  • Assigned group analysis based on case count, working hours and resolved count.
  • Working hours spent on each assignment groups.
  • SLA compliance rate analysis based on resolved incidents.
Navcara IMSNOW assignment group and sla requirments
  • Backlog comparison based on resolved, closed and opened of incidents.
  • Number of incidents as per geolocation.
  • Categorizing the incidents as per priority.
Navcara IMSNOW prioritization

Employee productivity bench-marking are based on Assignment group, Average time spent, Resolution percentage, Number of incidents assigned and progress percentage to analyse the performance.

Navcara IMSNOW employee productivity
Navcara IMSNOW incident dashboard
Navcara IMSNOW assignee dashboard
Navcara IMSNOW assignment group and sla requirments
Navcara IMSNOW prioritization
Navcara IMSNOW employee productivity

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