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Infosys Insurance Agent Onboarding

Analyze the as-is process for Insurance agent onboarding

The Insurance Agent Onboarding solution is aimed to get insights in understanding the as is process for Agent onboarding , on how the insurance firm can maximize its hiring efficiency. These insights can help in streamlining the process, create a comparative analysis between different offices and geographies based on their performance and other important metrics like throughput times, conversion ratio, volume and demographics

This is where Infosys and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Understand how the agent cancellation works by deep diving into contract cancellations including cancellation reasons, case count for cancelled, cancellation trigger task.

  • Benchmarks the processes between Offices, contract type and regions based on throughput times, case counts and process flows.

  • Track the case distribution, percentages and throughput times TAT by parameters like contract type , regions and other parameters.

Features & Capabilities

Infosys_Case Analysis
Infosys_Distribution Analysis
Infosys_Case Analysis
Infosys_Distribution Analysis

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