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Infosys Order Management Solution - Fujitsu Glovia

Analyze your as is Order Management process executed through Fujitsu Glovia Oder Management System (OMS)

The Infosys Order Management Solution Fujitsu Glovia offers holistic view of the Order Management process executed through Fujitsu Glovia Order Management Systems (OMS). It provides concrete measurement of the as is process KPIs and identification of pain points, thereby accelerating the as is process discovery and analysis.

This is where Infosys and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Decrease overall Cycle Time for order processing

  • Increase Automatic Order Creation

  • Track and improve On Time Delivery (OTD) performance

  • Reduce the number of backorders

  • Identify internal process bottlenecks like order modifications, multiple allocations, rework, etc

Features & Capabilities

The Executive Cockpit provides a macro level view of the process performance. It provides all the key metrics and trends that are relevant from a Business Intelligence perspective.


This dashboard gives a detailed overview of the Order Allocation process. It helps you track multiple order allocations by different criteria like warehouses and customer type.


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