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IBM Lead to Order for Industrial Products (Salesforce & SAP S/4 , HANA applications)

Turn more leads into orders with process insights

IBM's Lead to order (L2O) solution is critical to businesses as it helps determine the effectiveness of lead generation efforts and ultimately the cost (time and effort) of generating sales. Typically, the process operates across different business units (marketing, sales, finance) and enterprise applications, making it difficult to measure across the end-to-end workflow. Fixes like intelligent automation may be applied within one area (e.g.: lead creation).

This is where IBM and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Quicker Sales Order generation.

  • Greater Lead Conversion.

  • Improved opportunity win rate.

Features & Capabilities

• Monitor and manage leads over time to improve quote and conversion rates.
• Show direct business impact with performance measures across lead to quote and win in relation to revenue.
• Connect sales, marketing, and finance in a single view of performance success.


• Quickly see where cases may fall out of the process, then drill down to identify bottlenecks and root causes.
• Identify the common challenges in lead, opportunity and quote creation based on high impact areas.
• Gain visibility across systems (Salesforce, S4 HANA).


• Build intelligent workflows that improve business KPIs using insights from faster, more effective paths.
• Apply intelligent automation to improve quote to order rates.
• Prioritize improvement actions.


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