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Materials Management Execution App

Maximize execution capacity in your supply chain

Execution App for Materials Management

Close the gap between planning and reality in Supply Chain

Resilience is the holy grail of Supply Chain, and its fundamental challenge has always been the gap that lies between planning and reality โ€” fueled by system complexity, operational silos and latent, inaccurate data.

Celonisโ€™ Execution App for Materials Management uses EMS technology to close that gap and maximize your execution capacity, extracting hidden value in your existing systems.

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Maximize your execution capacity

Whether itโ€™s optimizing for working capital, revenue at risk, or profitability, Celonis works across silos and systems to eliminate the execution gaps impacting your performance, improves underlying planning assumptions, and guides immediate action at every level of the organization.

The Celonis Execution App is the key to running an aligned and resilient supply chain.

Maximize your execution capacity
Maximize your execution capacity
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โ€œI believe that within a few years every company will need software like Celonis to survive the market.โ€

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Owner and CEO
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How it works

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Measure capacity

Then set your desired outcome. Celonis aligns your organization by communicating priorities and mobilizing every employee into action, automatically.

Material Management Operational App screenshot - set the outcomes