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Nagler & Company Trade-Lifecycle Analytics

Trade faster and more efficiently

Trade-Lifecycle Analytics supports people responsible for a fluent and compliant trading process in improving efficiency and performance of both front- and back-office. Increasing complexity in transactions leads to high error rates (rejects) or - even more painfully - to cancellations (voids) resulting in expenses without countervalue. The Trade-Lifecycle Analytics solution reveals bottlenecks in processing the trades to accelerate lead time, to lower the reject-ratio and to ensure compliance.

This is where Celonis and Nagler & Company combine their strengths:

  • Use your resources efficiently to accelerate processing time between front and backoffice

  • Lower your error rates significantly and ensure compliance

  • Identify best practices and benchmark the processing of your asset groups, portfolios and trading desks

Features & Capabilities

Get a deeper insight into your trade lifecycle and reveal bottlenecks in the processing of trades. Identify best practices suitable for your institution and benchmark your own portfolios and trading desks.

Nagler & Company - Accelerate Processing

Discover and understand inherent root causes of your rejected and voided trades. Lower the percentage of “void-“ and “reject-trades“ significantly and ensure compliance.

Nagler & Company - Deep Dive into Trade Process
Nagler & Company - Accelerate Processing
Nagler & Company - Deep Dive into Trade Process

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