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Win more. Win faster. Win smarter.

Today’s sales tools just report on outcomes. They ignore all the steps you need to get there.

Identifying potential execution gaps is a largely subjective exercise. There’s no truly scalable, data-driven assessment of pipeline quality. CRM hygiene tends to be poor, and forecasting is mostly based on your people’s best judgement.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Opportunity Management Execution Application helps you increase your sales execution capacity by analyzing process-related data in real time, identifying execution gaps and taking action to close them.

  • Identify and enforce best practices
  • Guide your teams consistently, in real time and at scale
  • Identify and enforce process accelerators
  • Identify execution gaps and take action to close them
  • Bring in the right resources at the right time
  • Ensure sales process adherence

Increase your sales execution

Optimize quota attainment

Always know the next best action to achieve your goals.

Speed up the sales cycle

Immediately find and tackle any issues blocking performance.

Improve forecast accuracy

With the right, up-to-date information, at the right time

Maximize your execution capacity across these KPIs





Quota attainment





Close Rates





Forecast accuracy

Here’s how it works



The app leverages process mining technology to extract data in real-time from source systems and measure capacity. It identifies and visualizes execution gaps — like high value invoices at risk of non-payment — that limit your execution capacity.



The app knows the right course of action to close gaps. Based on machine learning and execution best-practices, it suggests the best steps — such as automatically requesting support from sales for high-risk customers— to eliminate the most impactful execution gaps and help maximize execution capacity.



The app takes action in a number of ways. It automates real-time actions across systems — such as automatically logging a customer escalation in your CRM — as well as deploys the right people to remove gaps — highlighting a pattern of broken promise-to-pay dates, for example.

OM Control Center

For Chief Revenue Officers and CXOs

  • End-to-end sales process and KPIs visualization

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Best practices identification

  • Predictability and confidence in forecasting

OM Control Center
OM Instrument

For Sales Operations Managers

  • Risk alerts and prioritization

  • Best practices adoption

  • Data quality enhancement

  • Optimized onboarding process

OM Instrument
OppyManagment Sales Managers

For Sales Managers

  • Data-driven coaching and guidance

  • True quality of the pipeline

  • Process compliance

  • Forecast accuracy enhancement

OppyManagment Sales Managers
OppyManagement Sales Reps

For Sales Reps

  • Process guidance based on impact

  • Pipeline needs and recommendations

  • Engagement of relevant company resources

  • Better onboarding process

OppyManagement Sales Reps
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“This is a very powerful sales acceleration platform; a true game-changer that empowers sales organizations to execute at their maximum capacity. I have been in sales for more than 20 years - the last 9 as President of EMEA and then International at Salesforce. I wish I’d had something like this to keep the sales intensity high, and my teams focused and sharing best practices in real time. A dream come true.”

Miguel Milano
CRO at Celonis, ex-President International
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After 20 years running Sales Strategy and Operations’ teams globally, there is finally a simple and programmatic way to empower our sales teams towards better execution. By looking at the historical performance of similar opportunities and applying identified successful best practices, we can spur our teams on to even greater achievements. It’s a no-brainer for us!”

Arsenio Otero
Celonis COO and ex-COO International

Powered by Celonis EMS

The Celonis Execution Management System helps businesses increase execution capacity in Customer Operations, Finance & Administration, Supply & Distribution, and Products & Services.

powered by celonis
powered by celonis

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