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osapiens Track & Trace Insights


osapiensโ€™ solution uniquely combines Track & Trace expertise with the capabilities of Celonis

The success of companies producing physical goods many times depend on the quality of the sold goods.
In the case of consumer products, pharmaceutical or medical devices companies, problems with the quality of products (e.g., bad ingredients, counterfeits, problems with packaging etc.) can seriously jeopardize patient or consumer safety and ruin their brand reputation literally overnight. In addition, it is also about the aftermarket and making sure you know the exact product with the exact components, with the exact warranty life and the exact use. In some industries, it is even a legal requirement to track and trace products.

This is where Celonis comes in.

osapiensโ€™ offering provides valuable insights for Track & Trace compliance, performance of production plants, supply chain optimization potential, and quality management. Transparency goes up to handling unit level or beyond (e.g., bundle)
โ€ข Display which product IDs were produced in which factories and partially identify potential counterfeits.
โ€ข Display the entire product IDs lifecycle based on ID allocation, origin, and destination. Not only on handling unit level but even at sellable units.
โ€ข Recognize which product was deviated from the intended market of retail sales.
โ€ข Understand which products are more subject to problems based on aftermarket interventions.

Features & Capabilities

Track and Trace Overview

Gain an overview of the volume of the supply chain as well as its locations, materials and performance.

osapiens - Track & Trace Insights - Overview
Shipping Cases

Go down to the individual product level and identify the shipping boxes. Learn which materials of which product were shipped and when.

osapiens Screenshot Shipping Cases
Location and Material Benchmark

Compare different locations and materials (e.g. factory/warehouse) based on order volume and throughput time.