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Prodapt Order-to-Activation Accelerator

Reveal and fix inefficiencies within Service Delivery

This Order-to-Activation solution combines Prodapt’s deep telecom experience with the power of Celonis. 

By using this solution, digital service providers or telecom operators can quickly identify process inefficiencies, including rework, jeopardies, multiple field visits, lack of automation, and date changes impacting key KPIs. This solution also benchmarks performance prior to transformation and provides line of sight into current metrics, order visibility and enables better work load balancing across teams.

With these insights, telecom operators can optimize processes to improve the performance of their service delivery KPIs:

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Reduce cycle times

  • Improve customer experience

  • Improve employee experience

Features & Capabilities

Understand the impact of jeopardies on order intervals and perform deep dives to identify the root causes.

Prodapt Jeopary Analysis

Deep dive into orders that get cancelled, and the root causes driving this behavior. This allows you to quickly identify missed revenue opportunities.

Prodapt Cancelled Order Analysis

Quickly identify the number of repeated trips taken by field teams and quantify their impact. Deep dive into the root causes and costs for these multiple dispatch trips.

Prodapt Repeat Dispatch Analysis
Prodapt Jeopary Analysis
Prodapt Cancelled Order Analysis
Prodapt Repeat Dispatch Analysis

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