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Deliver controlled excellence to your organization by finding the right balance between controls and efficiency

Process Excellence requires the right balance between efficiency and control. It is about doing the right things, the right way, first time.

Moving at high speed is not enough. Speed and efficiency need to be delivered in a controlled manner to avoid exposure to unnecessary risk and management of risk is the responsibility of everyone in the organizationโ€ฆ

Protivitiโ€™s Controls Excellence Execution App delivers an operational Risk and Control view to all risk and control owners โ€“ from Executives to Analysts โ€“ that seamlessly integrates into the day-to-day compliance, controls and audit processes.

Key benefits:

  • Automatically detects where control breakdowns may occur; moving beyond descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Data-driven transparency and enable monitoring of critical controls performance against established performance thresholds and over time
  • Drive intelligent and recommended actions to address root causes of control breakdowns

Features & Capabilities

Leverage on your own Risk Control Matrix (RCM) that forms the foundation of deriving the relevant analytical control tests

  • Full transparency into the performance of controls and obtain an understanding for the outcome of each individual controls assessed
  • Users retain the ability to perform exploratory analysis, while having top level and drill down views into your operating performance of controls over time.

Actions taken by all risk and control owners are aligned to the overall business objectives to drive operational improvements and conformance.


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