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SDG Application Service Ticket Management


Manage Your Application Service Ticket Intelligently

Every IT organization has a goal to optimize its internal structure to save costs and time

Given the sheer volume of application tickets or incidents, service requests being processed daily that organizations need to manage, any bottlenecks in the process often lead to a costly impact on the organization. It takes tremendous effort for organizations, particularly the large ones, to maintain and ensure a streamlined process. This not only affects the internal service management but also affects the customer experience

Elevate your service management practices by offering better customer service to internal or external users, constantly monitor supplier Application Management System contracts, optimize your process in addressing open issues on application or service requests; drive towards a frictionless internal organization

Key benefits of using this solution:
โ€ข Monitor the performances of the internal service team
โ€ข Monitor the performances of the suppliers and compliance to their application management system SLAs
โ€ข Automatically detect potential waste backlog tickets and follow up the owner for a solution

Features & Capabilities

Reduce the volume of the open tickets

Identify most frequent inefficient activities to speed up resolution. Good oversight of the open tickets to allocate appropriate resources to solve the incidents efficiently

Open Tickets
Remove incident resolution frictions

Identify friction activities e.g. ping pong effect that leads to multiple forwards to different supplier group for a single ticket, and alert the owner immediately to follow up on incident to resolution

Forwarding Tickets
Reduce frictions with proactive actions from the Action Engine

Automatically signal users when slow tickets have been identified e.g. untouched and held at a specific activity for more than x days. This triggers the users to take the right actions to speed up resolution and improve the overall efficiency

Open Tickets
Forwarding Tickets

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