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Apolix - Service Cloud Customer Satisfaction

Relate back to what effects your customer satisfaction

Apolix's Service Cloud Customer Satisfaction solution offers insights into the customer service process and customer satisfaction based on the process flow. One of the core strategic initiatives in the service business is to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention. Being able to see the customer effort score on the case level is crucial to investigate the related bottlenecks.

This is where Apolix and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Get insights on customer satisfaction and its correlation to other attributes in the process.

  • Use the insights to focus on the right areas in order to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Relate customer satisfaction back to certain process flows.

Features & Capabilities

Get Insights into resolution performance:Determine how often and how fast your agents are resolving the open cases.Understand why certain cases are open for a very long time. Monitor the resolution of tickets if it is resolved or getting reopened again for various reasons.

Apolix SCCS resolutiontimeanalysis

Get Insights about your customer satisfaction:Get an overview of your customer satisfaction over time and its correlation with the handling time. Get a clear understanding of how the surveys performance is and what are the dimensions that could have an impact on it.Deep dive into the low customer effort scores. Make use of the effect of high emailing, calling and commenting ratio on the customer satisfaction.

Apolix SCCS surveyanalysis
Apolix SCCS resolutiontimeanalysis
Apolix SCCS surveyanalysis

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