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STAUFEN.AG Execution Excellence in Engineer to Order

Frictionless Order Fulfillment in ETO: On-time. On-quality. On-Cost.

The STAUFEN Lean Order Fulfillment ETO Solution supports companies to achieve a frictionless order fulfillment in Engineer-to-Order.

It enables organizations to continuously identify execution gaps and proactively prevent bottlenecks even before they occur. At the same time, it empowers executives, process owners, and all other involved parties with an overall order transparency in every single phase of the fulfillment process.

The solution combines industry best practices of lean management with the power of the CELONIS EMS to ensure 100% on-time delivery, in the right quality and at the right costs.

This is where Celonis and STAUFEN.AG combine their strengths

  • Achieve 100% transparency of the overall ETO process and find out the current status of every single order - in real time.

  • Measure and monitor your ETO process continuously with internal and external KPI’s such as customer on-time delivery, process costs, adherence to quality gates, etc.

  • Identify systematic execution gaps in the order fulfillment, e.g. missing customer specifications, failures in BOM and technical drawings, missing materials for production, etc.

  • Optimize proactively by using intelligent signals and recommended actions to prevent failures and troubleshooting in the downstream process phases.

Features & Capabilities

Benefit from the gained transparency and standardization to meet customer needs. Be able to identify technical failures and process deviations at an early stage.

STAUFEN Process Overview

Track costs, quality and time for each stage of the process. Be able to measure and monitor your process and establish a data driven Continuous Improvement Process culture.

STAUFEN Overview Order Fulfillment

Turn friction into flow. Empower your employees with data-driven recommendations to avoid execution gaps in downstream process stages.

STAUFEN Action Engine Order Fulfillment
STAUFEN Process Overview
STAUFEN Overview Order Fulfillment
STAUFEN Action Engine Order Fulfillment

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