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Protiviti GmbH Stockout Root Causes App

Transparency on your Stockouts

Protiviti GmbH Stockout Root Causes App helps understand data from multiple sources in a central view, pinpointing the challenges such as lead time-related, quality-related, forecast or logistics-related issues – is essential for remediating actions.

This is where Protiviti and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Update of delivery time.

  • GR processing lead times.

  • Safety stock levels.

Features & Capabilities

This view provides an overview of the material availability over time as well as potential root causes for current and past stockouts.

Protiviti GmbH SRC overview

This view is on the individual material level and provides an overview of relevant KPIs to find out and confirm supply chain issues leading to stock outs.

Protiviti GmbH SRC detail view
Protiviti GmbH SRC overview
Protiviti GmbH SRC detail view

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