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STÖHR FAKTOR Securities Trading

Achieve maximum competitiveness through increased compliance and high performance in your securities trading

The challenges for securities trading are getting increasingly tough: Not only continuous cost pressure is burdening the industry, but also low efficiency, declining value contribution, or even increased competition through new digital platforms. At the same time, strict compliance with regulations must be ensured. The STÖHR FAKTOR Securities Trading addresses changing customer needs within the trading process. The instrument enables standardization potential as key for automation purposes. It identifies cost saving opportunities through improved process efficiency and ensures compliance with regulations through KPI-driven analysis.

Typical benefits:

  • Automatically detect compliance violations and intervene proactively

  • Achieve better transparency on cross-border securities trading

  • Improve customer satisfaction by increasing your process performance and identify opportunities to address changing customer needs

  • Track and monitor relevant KPIs in real-time, e.g., order value, outstanding orders

Features & Capabilities

Gain transparency about your target process, analyze deviations and their causes and identify automation and standardization potentials

Process Analytics

Detect potential compliance violations in real-time, analyze them in detail and take immediate action

Process Conformance

Track, monitor and report your relevant KPIs from different source systems, e.g. cost per order, number of order cancellations or automation rate

Performance Overview
Process Analytics
Process Conformance
Performance Overview

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