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MHP TaxSuite

Tax, Tax Governance, Tax Operation

The MHP's Tax Suite solution offers a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to enhance tax compliance and streamline operational efficiency. By ensuring accurate tax coding in invoices, it mitigates the risk of compliance issues and potential penalties. The app goes beyond mere coding precision, providing an intuitive operational dashboard, streamlined workflows, and robust reporting mechanisms. These features empower organizations to efficiently manage day-to-day operations and proactively identify and address tax code discrepancies.

This is where MHP and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Reduce tax risks.

  • improving tax code violations.

  • Reduce operational cost in tax and accounting departments.

Features & Capabilities

he dashboard gives the accounting, tax clerk overview of all incompliant invoices in regard the tax codes.

MHP TS taxsuite 1

In the detailed dashboard the clerk can directly start investigating the issue and start measures to correct the noncompliant tax codes with integrated workflow service.

MHP TS taxsuite 2
MHP TS taxsuite 1
MHP TS taxsuite 2

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