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Tunabear - Application Accelerator

Streamline the admission process and provide immediate reporting capabilities on key KPIs to ensure a smooth recruitment process

Tunabear's Application Accelerator app Leverage admission processes with Process Mining to track admission status and guarantee the successful recruitment of talents.

This is where Tunabear and Celonis combine their Strengths:

  • Reduce effort to identify roadblocks (missing data, missed communications, etc.) that could keep eligible applicants from being admitted.

  • Status tracking of the target applicants and the key application KPIs.

  • Automation of recurring manual steps e.g. automatically notify applicants of the missing test scores etc.

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Features & Capabilities

Overview of the important KPIs from the present and historical applications. These KPIs include e.g. total admission rate, resident/non-resident rate, transfer rate, and application denied rate.


Live view of process analytics flow and deviations with embedded ability to filter by evaluator, term, career, and many more dimensions.

ProcessAnalysis - Tunabear
ProcessAnalysis - Tunabear

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