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Scheer VIM Steering

Track Delays & Boost Automation

The Scheer VIM Steering App provides Invoice Managers insight into the Vendor Invoice Management process, focusing on invoices that are processed using OpenText before being posted as Accounting Documents in SAP ECC or S/4 HANA. It is used to improve the document processing and get transparency over documents exhibiting Execution Gaps, such as automatized activities being executed manually as well as processing delays.

This is where Scheer and Celonis Combine their Strengths:

  • Monitor the end-to-end invoice pipeline from 'Open' to 'Cleared'.

  • Identify time limit violations between scanning and validation as well as between validation and posting.

  • Discover execution gaps of delayed Goods Receipts or Service Entry Sheets as well as late clearing.

  • Track manual execution rates of validation and posting.

Features & Capabilities

Steering Dashboard shows the invoice pipeline, visualizes the KPI’s and allows in-depth comparison over different dimensions.

Scheer VIMS overview

In-Depth Document View shows the pipeline and KPI information on document level and visualizes the activity history and the process flow.

Scheer VIMS profileview
Scheer VIMS overview
Scheer VIMS profileview

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