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Core Mining Engine


Celonis provides the world’s most advanced Process Mining engine. Using AI and an in-memory patented database to sift through terabytes of system, process and desktop user data, the Core Mining Engine creates a ‘Digital Twin’ of your organization. It identifies which execution gaps have the biggest impact on your capacity and triggers real-time actions to eliminate those gaps.

Where the Core Mining Engine fits into the EMS platform


The core mining engine automatically turns real-time data into knowledge about how your processes run, while allowing for easy editing of business and process KPIs.


Then the Core Mining Engine draws on Celonis Machine Learning to interpret that knowledge, identify execution gaps, and know the best course of action to fix them.


Lastly, the Core Mining Engine triggers the Automation Engine to take corrective action, and the two engines work in tandem to maximize execution capacity.

The benefits of the Core Mining Engine

Get a data-driven view of your processes

See all the execution gaps in your processes no matter how large or complex the data from your systems, thanks to a patented in-memory Process Mining engine.

Sense gaps in your processes and take action

Celonis Machine Learning scours complex process data and uncovers hidden execution gaps that adversely affects your KPIs — in real-time — and triggers actions to fix them.

Understand how your processes interact

Execution gaps in one process can affect execution capacity in another. Understand the interdependencies of your processes and the impact they’re having.

Easily define your KPIs — no SQL required

Create KPIs using process-query language that’s accessible to any business user.
Achieve in one line what you’d normally need a page of SQL and a data expert to do.

Core Mining Engine Features & Capabilities

In-Memory Process Mining Engine

Get instant answers to process questions and trigger automations with the Core Mining Engine, which supports huge data sets with query response times of less than 1/8 of a second.

Core Mining Engine
Process-Specific Query Language

Celonis Process Query Language (PQL) provides a fast, simple way for you to create specific KPIs. PQL also comes with pre-built functions for processes.

Screenshot - PQL
Multi-Event Logs & Cross-Process Models

See how different processes are connected to one other with multi-event logs, creating a unified process model for your entire business.

Screenshot - Data Models
Task Mining Integration

Celonis Process Mining algorithms create data structures that go beyond traditional event logs by connecting system process data to desktop user data and creating a holistic process model.

Screenshot - Task Mining Case Matching
Core Mining Engine
Screenshot - PQL
Screenshot - Data Models
Screenshot - Task Mining Case Matching

“With Celonis we enable business process mining analytics capabilities to drive process transformation, efficiencies and compliance.”

Vini Cardoso, Global Demand & Delivery Director - Finance
AB InBev

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