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Celonis Real-time Data is the first step on your Execution Management journey. Connect to process and user data in your underlying source systems and desktops to understand your operations like never before. Gather time-stamped event logs from operational systems and user clicks on desktops across your entire organization โ€” and quickly and securely transform that data into process models.

Where Real-time Data fits into the EMS platform


The Real-time Engine extracts data from source systems and desktops systems in real-time or on a scheduled basis using pre-built or configured connectors


It connects data from disparate sources and processes, including data from desktops to provide a 360-degree view of all processes across the organization


It transforms that data into an event log (or a process model) so that it can be displayed and analyzed as business knowledge by the Core Mining Engine and Business Views.


It continues to extract incremental data from various systems and provides it to the Core Mining Engine to ensure execution gaps are found and the Automation Engine can take action.

The Benefits of Real-Time Data

Turn data into insight in real time

Celonis real-time data can process billions of individual events and transform them into knowledge โ€” before the Core Mining Engine turns that knowledge into immediate action.

See the complete process picture

Celonis extracts data from common source systems, home-grown systems, and even mainframes to ensure all activities in a process are captured.

Get started fast

Start enhancing your processes in weeks not months with over 80+ pre-built process connectors, that extract and transform data into knowledge.

Know whatโ€™s happening on desktops too

Spot execution gaps happening on desktops, not just within your systems, by using Task Mining technology.

Real-time Data Features & Capabilities

80+ Pre-Built Process Connectors

Celonis extracts system process data (or digital footprints) from cloud, enterprise and legacy systems in the form of event logs. Process connectors deliver pre-built process-aware extraction and transformation capabilities for every type of source system.

Real-Time Data Connections

Automate data extraction and transformation to meet the needs of your business with customizable data load scheduling โ€” so your execution is based on up-to-date information at all times.

Screenshot - Real-Time Event Collection
Simplified Data Transformation

Celonis transforms noisy system data into process models with pre-built, system- and process-specific transformation recipes. You can also build your own using drag-and-drop wizards, no custom scripting required.

Screenshot - Data Matching - Task Mining
Task Mining

Celonis Task Mining collects desktop user data by capturing user clicks, application actions, and screenshots. The textual data is grouped into โ€˜activitiesโ€™ through clustering algorithms, and provides a means to understand and analyze user patterns and behaviors. Finally, Celonis Core Mining Engine connects desktop user data with system process data for a complete process view.

Screenshot - Task Mining
Screenshot - Real-Time Event Collection
Screenshot - Data Matching - Task Mining
Screenshot - Task Mining

โ€œCelonis provides data in real time that used to take days, sometimes weeks, to obtain. Having this information at our fingertips is very powerful.โ€

Alex Garini
CFO, Sysmex America

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