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Celonis Announces Global Reseller Agreement with SAP

Celonis GmbH, a leading provider of process mining software, announced today the signing of a global reseller agreement with SAP (NYSE: SAP). Through this agreement, SAP will resell Celonis’ Process Mining solution under the name SAP® Process Mining software by Celonis. The solution helps customers visualize and analyze their processes in order to increase efficiency and reduce process costs.

This reseller arrangement adds a robust process mining solution to SAP’s portfolio of analytics software. SAP Process Mining helps SAP customers that often already have mature processes to further improve their processes by 20%-30%, according to customer data. It provides graphical representation of as-is processes from raw, transaction-level data in real time. A clear, configurable process analysis displays important key performance indicators in easy-to-read visualizations. By visualizing millions of transactions at the same time, customers can identify bottlenecks, locate nonstandard processes and weaknesses, and determine how to apply remedies. For more information refer to www.sap.com/process-mining.

“With SAP putting its trust into our solution and partnership, we are excited to be one step closer to our vision to bring process mining to every company worldwide. Not only will SAP customers benefit from accessing this technology via their existing relationship with SAP, but also from SAP’s cooperation in the development and support of our solution,” stated Bastian Nominacher, co-CEO of Celonis.

Since 2012, Celonis has been a trusted and emerging partner in the SAP Startup Focus program, SAP’s accelerator for big-data, predictive and real-time analytics startups that are building new applications on the SAP HANA® platform. In 2014, Celonis joined the SAP PartnerEdge® program for Application Development, which offers powerful resources, benefits and expertise to further fuel its success. After winning the SAP HANA Innovation Award in the “Most Transformative” category earlier this year, the company’s software is now an SAP solution extension resold by SAP.

SAP Process Mining can be tightly integrated within SAP software landscapes, leveraging SAP HANA to cut through the complexity and increasing amount of data involved in processes with high economic impact – for example, procure to pay, order to cash, supply chain management and IT service management.

“We have identified process mining as a complementary element to SAP’s product portfolio. We were impressed by the capabilities of the Celonis solution, how it leverages the power of the SAP HANA platform to deliver great results, and how well the product has already been adopted by many of our innovative customers,” said Rolf Schumann, chief technology officer and head of innovation in EMEA and MEE, SAP. “That’s why we decided to collaborate more closely with Celonis and resell it on our master price list. SAP Process Mining offers a different perspective on processes, using powerful, cutting-edge platforms to help deliver insights every company needs.”

More information:

SAP Solution Brief

Uncovering white-collar crime with Process Mining

White-collar crime is a major challenge for businesses. Hacking contests aim to raise awareness of IT systems and IT auditing among students and highlight the modus operandi of white-collar criminals.  The White-Collar Hacking Contest recently held at the Technical University of Munich (Chair for Information Systems) was sponsored by Celonis, a successful tech start-up brainchilded by former TUM students. The contest’s participants were asked to embezzle money from an imaginary company which manages its data with SAP HANA, a database commonly used by modern organizations. Using Celonis Process Mining the students were able to reconstruct the digital traces within the ERP system and locate the funds embezzled by other teams.

Whether ERP, inventory control systems or MES – business processes are nowadays almost entirely translated into IT systems.   This makes IT audits increasingly more important because white-collar criminals exploit weaknesses in these systems to enrich themselves and damage the company.  

To give students a glimpse into the day-to-day business operation and create awareness for IT auditing and the strategies used by white-collar criminals, hacking contests have proven very successful.

Celonis supported the White-Collar Hacking Contest organized by the Chair for Information Systems of the Technical University of Munich and the SAP University Competence Center Munich, by providing its software. Furthermore, Celonis Business Analyst Sebastian Walter taught the students in an all-day crash course how to use the tools of the trade and operate Process Mining – which served to reconstruct and visualize digital traces inside the ERP system of an imaginary company.

The twenty contest participants working in four teams had to embezzle funds from an imaginary company using business data from the SAP HANA database. At the same time, they were asked to locate funds embezzled by other teams employing real-time analysis of the SAP systems with Celonis Process Mining. The team that successfully embezzled the most money without getting caught while locating funds embezzled by others was selected as the contest winner.

“The White-Collar Hacking Contest provides an excellent opportunity to teach students how to operate enterprise software and how to conduct IT audits”, explains Dr. Michael Schermann, lecturer and researcher at the Chair for Information Systems. “The students are hackers and investigators at the same time.”

Aside from the two course lecturers, the jury also included five representatives of the Forensic Accounting program taught at the De Montfort University (Leicester, UK), who came especially to attend this event. The jury assessed the plausibility of the frauds and whether the students investigated successfully.

Team “Sum Ting Wong’s four-man team” won the White-Collar Hacking Contest which was endowed with 2.34 million Euros. The four teams successfully implemented 14 frauds and uncovered eight of them.  “The most intriguing fraud was one where prices were fixed with a supplier over a long period and these agreements were presented internally as sales successes, leading to bonuses”, explains Schermann. “This led to a twofold damage: unjustified bonuses and inflated prices.”

Official website White-Collar Hacking Contest
Photos of the White-Collar Hacking Contest

Big Business and Startups: Alexander Rinke talks at the European Forum Alpbach

A fresh breeze powered by an innovative mindset – this is what established companies expect when they invest in startups. Joining forces with young enterprises is currently a top global trend. How can both startups and mature companies profit from this partnership? Can established companies adapt to the different mindsets of start-ups or is this a convenient fiction? Which challenges do businesses face independently of their size or age? Alexander Rinke, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Celonis, talked on the topic “Win-Win?! The Symbiosis of Big Business and Startups” to the economic representatives of the European Forum Alpbach in Tyrol, Austria. His creed: “Entrepreneurs need talent – that’s what Europe is good at, courage and capital – here we need to catch up!”.

The European Forum Alpbach’s events and its network of scholarship holders create an interdisciplinary platform for effective socio-political dialogue. Through its work, the European Forum Alpbach also functions as an interactive and open think tank and provides inspiration for societal debate. From September 1st to 3rd, the Economic Symposium “Inequality – On the Paradox of the Economy” takes place.

Capitalism creates wealth – and is simultaneously criticised for weakening democracy and the equality of opportunity. Under current conditions, how much inequality is necessary to intensify economic relations and to stimulate the business cycle? When does an advantageous “just enough” become a critical “too much”? Where can or should economic policy intervene? Where should such action be avoided? At the Alpbach Economic Symposium, experts from economy, politics and academia will give an overview on the economic dimension of inequality and on its far-reaching consequences for society.

More Information:

Website Alpbach Forum 2015: Economic Symposium
Source: Website Alpbach Forum 

Celonis wins SAP HANA Innovation Award 2015

Celonis is the winner of the prestigious SAP HANA Innovation Award 2015 in the ‘Most Transformative’ category. The award, which honours innovative solutions based on SAP HANA and makes a distinctive contribution to the value of the company, was awarded on May 5, 2015 as a part of SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida. In total, more than 50 applications were submitted in this competition and Celonis was able to prevail against the competition both in the public voting and the final voting performed by the SAP-assembled jury composed of clients, SAP experts and analysts. Celonis Process Mining technology is revolutionizing business processes as a result of unprecedented transparency. It uses SAP HANA to completely reconstruct and visualize business processes based on their digital tracks. At SAPPHIRE NOW, being held until May 7, 2015, the technological innovator presented its software solution at stand PT426.

Based on the advantages offered by SAP HANA, Celonis Process Mining allows unique transparency in business processes, for example to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks and to monitor processing costs and compliance. Celonis has focused on digitalized processes that have a high economic impact within the company. The amount and complexity of the relevant data is continuously growing. Accordingly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stay in control of all operations. Process Mining technology is an intelligent approach to analyzing and visualizing business processes and provides businesses, even for extremely large big data scenarios; a real competitive advantage, using this newly achieved transparency.

‘We are delighted to receive this award of excellence and recognition for the work of the entire Celonis team’, says Bastian Nominacher, CEO and co-founder of Celonis. The winner of the SAP HANA Innovation Award was given the chance to present its solution at SAPPHIRE NOW and become personally acquainted with important SAP customers. Celonis, already a two-time winner of the SAP Demo Jam, has been part of the SAP start-up focus program since 2013 whose aim is to support start-ups in the development of new applications for the SAP HANA platform .

Celonis announces participation at the SAPPHIRE NOW

Celonis, provider of the revolutionary Process Mining technology, announces its participation at the SAPPHIRE NOW and Annual ASUG Conference, taking place from the 5th to the 7th of May in Orlando, Florida. Celonis is participating in the SAP Startup Focus Programm which supports startups in the development of new applications for the SAP HANA platform. With powerful algorithms, the Celonis Process Mining technology uses SAP HANA to completely reconstruct business processes visually, based on their digital footprints, in real time. Celonis invites visitors of SAPPHIRE NOW to the stand PT426 to gain a deeper insight into the Celonis Process Mining technology by talking to the Celonis experts.

The SAP HANA platform enables companies to make faster and more effective decisions, through real-time analyses and reports, as well as enabling a rapid acceleration of the overall business processes. Based on these advantages, the Celonis Process Mining technology provides an entirely new level of transparency, helping you to, on the one hand, identify business bottlenecks and, on the other, monitor legal and compliance issues. Right from the beginning SAP HANA was a key technology for Celonis. The in-memory technology and performance enables the analysis of very large and complex Big Data scenarios in real time.

“We believe that the key to increasing value lies in the simplification and transparency of business processes,” says Alexander Rinke, co-founder of Celonis. “Through the SAP Startup Focus Program, we received access to the SAP HANA platform and support for our market strategy. This support was the key to introducing SAP customers and the media to Celonis Process Mining. ”

Celonis focuses on digital processes with high economic impact – such as shopping, order-to-cash, supply chain and IT service. The amount and complexity of the related data is constantly growing. Accordingly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep control of all operations. Celonis Process Mining is based upon the functionality of SAP HANA and gives companies a real competitive edge.

The SAPPHIRE NOW and Annual ASUG Conference are seen as the world’s leading business technology and SAP customer events. The visitors receive information about new business opportunities and take advantage of the events to seek contact with customers, managers of SAP, partners and experts from the entire SAP partner ecosystem.

Since early 2013 Celonis is participating in the SAP Startup Focus Program, in which startups are supported in the development of new applications for the SAP HANA platform. The program promotes the development of start-ups in the areas of Big Data, Predictive Analytics and real-time analysis. More than 1.800 Startups are currently participating in the program and are developing use cases based on SAP HANA in different fields, from gaming through retail to finance and engineering.

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