Cash acceleration- Three ways finance operations can immediately impact cash

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Business Strategy Meeting

Operational App for Accounts Payable

Celonis’ Operational App for Accounts Payable understands the outcome you want to achieve — then puts AI to work to make it happen, extracting hidden value from your existing systems.

Future of Finance

Transforming Accounts Payable: From Cost Center to Strategic Lever

Historically, Accounts Payable has always been considered a cost center — a back-office function whose sole focus is to process invoices faster and more cheaply. Optimization has been about getting more output with the same resources, and little more.

Empowering the world's most strategic AP departments

Deutsche Telekom

$44M realized annually in additional cash discounts by optimizing payment times

Siemens card

$15M saved annually by automating or removing 10M manual steps

Vodafone card

11% reduction in process costs and 20% in time-to-market

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