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Join us for a virtual lunch and learn on September 15th

New way of working

Understand how your processes really work and how to improve them:

  • Learn how USAAโ€™s Enterprise Application Services group leverages Celonis for clarity in control processes โ€“ risk & controls, alerts and notifications.

  • See how process mining can be applied to improve processes throughout the company โ€“ from banking and claims, to procurement and IT.

  • Understand how your source data can be tapped to make processes more efficient, less costly and provide better experiences.

New way of working

How Celonis helps USAA achieve their goals


Get full Transparency

Discover the root-causes and weaknesses in existing business processes.

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Achieve Process Excellence

Improve process performance by implementing measures that monitor and resolve process deviations.โ€ฉ


Become fully Digital

Leverage your digitalization strategy "Champion 2020"

Discover a new path to optimized processes. Today.

Innovation is the lifeblood of business success. To stay ahead of the competition, your business needs to improve processes from end-to-end โ€” continuously. Thatโ€™s where Process Mining technology comes in โ€” turning your processes into an open book and allowing you to identify the inefficiencies that are slowing down your enterprise.ย 

According to market research firm IDC, not only are most companies unaware of lost potential due to process weaknesses, 20-30 % of their revenue is lost that way. And this is where Celonis comes in:

Celonis' process mining and AI-enhanced technology helps enterprises optimize each and every operational element for better outcomes, extraordinary experiences and world-class performance. It removes friction from processes, in departments such as Finance, Insurance and Services and helps you discover your processes as they are and continuously improve them through AI and automation. Use your digital footprint to understand the root causes of process deviations and inefficiency and save millions of dollars each year.

Uncover the full potential of Celonis process mining at USAA. Today.

Business Strategy Meeting
Business Strategy Meeting

Join us for a virtual lunch and learn on September 15th

Donโ€™t miss your chance to discover what value Celonis can bring to your Finance, Insurance and Services processes.

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