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How Celonis helps FSI achieve their goals

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Risk and Compliance

  • Automatically detect and prevent non-compliant activities

  • Bring your process to peak efficiency through automation and next-best action recommendations

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Customer Onboarding

  • Delight customers during onboarding by pro-actively avoiding rework, removing redundant steps, and recommending actions to simplify and accelerate the process

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Customer Service

  • Identify areas in the service process that lead to slow resolution times and confused customers

  • Increase productivity through improving your self-service offerings

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Process Intelligence

  • Have complete visibility and control over your processes with a layer of process intelligence previously thought unattainable

  • Focus on the areas that are slowing down your processes such as manual activities and rework

How Celonis Works


Celonis helps you fully know your processes by collecting data from your enterprise sources systems and reconstructing the true โ€œAS-ISโ€ state of your processes. We can see every last step of every last process in your organization -where it is working and where it is not working.


Celonis senses the specific friction points that prevent you from achieving your desired outcome. We use AI and knowledge from our 2000+ implementations to identify exactly what root-causes prevent your organization from achieving the desired outcome.


Lastly, it helps you act to remove friction. Either by automatically taking intelligent action in systems, or by recommending a next-best-action to an employee in the process.

Process Mining 101


The Ultimate Guide to Process Mining

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Why Process Excellence is Key to World-Class Operations in a Digital World

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PwC: Are your business processes a black box?

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[Webinar] Ultimate Guide to Process Mining

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Celonis is the #1 Acceleration Tool

See how businesses use Celonis to uncover friction points & pinpoint their root causes in real time.


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Privacy, Security & Availability

Industry leaders around the world count on Celonis to keep mission-critical processes running safely and reliably. The security of the data involved in these processes matters to your business, so it matters to us.

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Whitepaper: IT Security Overview

Whitepaper: Performance, Scalability & Availability

Whitepaper: Performance, Scalability & Availability

Cloud Security Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Operational Compliance & Control

Celonis IBC: Data Privacy by Design

Whitepaper: Data Privacy by Design