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Optimized financial processes for the food industry

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Optimize your working capital and increase efficiency and productivity

Inย the current Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more essential than everย forย companies in the food industryย to haveย complete transparency about their financialย processes.ย Daily control of yourย cash flowย , automatic detection of payment deviations, proactive intervention in the processes and KPI-drivenย controlย optionsย give you the decisive competitive advantage.

According to PYMINTS and Hackett,ย $ 358 billion a yearย is lostย worldwideย due to non-optimized paymentย behaviorย .ย Most of those responsible are never fully aware of the enormous potential for savings in the finance departments - until they start working with Celonis.

Future of Finance

How can Celonis help you achieve your goals?

Optimization of Working Capital

  • Optimizing timely payments
  • Optimization of timely claims
  • Cash discount maximization
  • Minimizing late payment penalties
  • Reduce receipt disputes

Digitization of Processes

  • Elimination of manual rework
  • Increase in automation rates
  • Eliminate duplication of work with multiple applications
  • Acceleration of valid change requests
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Optimization of the 3-way match rate
  • Improvement in adherence to deadlines
  • Consolidation of expenses

Minimizing Risk

  • Reduction of the time-to-report
  • Maximizing the success rate of audit items
  • Avoiding Maverick Buying
  • Reduction of manual overwrites
  • Continuous monitoring of process conformity
  • Early detection of fraudulent behavior

Smooth financial processes create added value

$44 million

image (18) annual savings in the form of additional discounts by optimizing payment times


1024px-Vodafone 2017 logo.svg perfect POs (previously 73%) and 85% automated invoices

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Demo Finance

Watch the demo: On-Time Payments

See in this 3-minute demo as Celonis can help accounts payable to ensure that paymentsย preciselyย done so that working capital can be released.

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