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The role of Finance is about so much more than just reporting on organizational performance. Itโ€™s about accelerating performance, and transforming enterprise-wide business processes for the future.

CFOs and Finance leaders across every industry are harnessing the power of Process Mining to pinpoint and purge friction from processes like never before. So you can understand where working capital is tied up, which steps of your processes are holding back productivity, where the best opportunities for digitization and automation are, and which processes are compliant with standards.

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How Celonis Helps You Accelerate Finance Operations



Get an as-is snapshot of your Finance processes by connecting any operational system. Visualize the way your processes really work and identify friction points in Payables, Receivables, Procurement, Supply Chain, and more.



Use our AI-powered business rules engine to maximize business outcomes, like On-Time Payments, Reducing Rework, Automating Manual Tasks, and Touchless POs.



Track process improvement over time and ensure processes are always โ€œaudit-readyโ€ with conformance checking. Measure progress toward key goals like Optimizing Working Capital, Digitization, and Employee Productivity.

See How EDP Does It

At EDP, โ€œdigital is a people thing.โ€ As a global leader and innovator in the energy sector, Energias de Portugal (EDP) is undertaking a massive digital transformation of their business processes.

EDPโ€™s centralized Digital Unit worked with Finance and other business units to embed Celonis as a key operational tool, which has accelerated their ability to streamline processes and deliver faster, more reliable services enterprise-wide.

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Ray Wang

โ€œYou can set up new AI capabilities to alert your business automatically of any potential risk headed your way, along with suggested actions to take based on patterns collected from your systems, and the forecasted outcomes of those actions. This is one of the most exciting benefits that process mining brings - especially to CFOs.โ€

Ray Wang
Vice President
Constellation Research
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