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For Finance leaders, accelerating operational performance is a critical responsibility. In fact, 73% of CFOs say Performance Management is their top priority. In the age of AI and digital transformation, leaders know that technology is key — and yet, only 5% say they're seeing a substantial ROI from digitization and automation efforts.

Process Mining offers a new approach by empowering you with the tools to pinpoint and purge friction in your processes like never before.

Leverage our existing infrastructure Leverage our existing infrastructure Leverage our existing infrastructure Leverage our existing infrastructure
Leverage our existing infrastructure

What Goals Can Celonis Help Finance Leaders Achieve?

These are some of the high-value initiatives that Finance organizations are accelerating with Process Mining:

Optimize Working Capital

  • Optimize on-time payments
  • Optimize on-time (or earlier) receivables
  • Maximize cash discounts
  • Minimize late payment penalties
  • Reduce receipt disputes
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Digitize Operations

  • Eliminate manual rework
  • Increase automation rates
  • Eliminate multi-app duplication
  • Accelerate valid change requests
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Optimize 3-way match rate
  • Improve on-time rates
  • Consolidate spending
Process Mining in Action

Minimize Risk

  • Implement automated always-on audit
  • Reduce time-to-report
  • Maximize audit item pass rate
  • Eliminate maverick buying
  • Reduce manual overrides
  • Monitor process conformance continuously
  • Predict fraudulent behavior early on
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Process Mining in Action
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How ABB Purges Friction from Purchase-to-Pay

With Celonis, ABB gained unprecedented insight into their Purchase-to-Pay process, and saw that they were paying suppliers earlier than payment terms required and supplieres were making deliveries too early. See how they used these insights to increase on-time payments and remove other types of friction from Finance processes.

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“When we started using Celonis, we were seeking to understand the health of our processes and gain insights around bottlenecks and opportunities with Order to Cash, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes. Rather than simple dashboards and metrics, Celonis provides visibility to the underlying drivers of those metrics, enabling insights to areas of friction.”

Barbara Infante
Director, Business Process & Data Insights
Becton Dickinson (BD)
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Watch the Demo: On-Time Payments

See Frictionless Finance in action in this 3-minute demo showing how Celonis can help Accounts Payable ensure that payments are made exactly on time to free up working capital.

Frictionless Finance Demo
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Where is the Friction in Your Finance Processes?

Take this 3-minute quiz to determine the most impactful process improvements you need to make to achieve Frictionless Finance.

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