Webinar featuring guest Forrester: Why Process Excellence is Key to World-Class Operations in a Digital World
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How process mining helps companies achieve frictionless operations

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How process mining helps companies achieve frictionless operations

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There are many product companies in the world, but perhaps the most dominant company of the past decade โ€” Amazon โ€” is actually a process company. They're not alone, either. Companies like Uber are disrupting traditional industries not by introducing new business models, but by leveraging intelligent, frictionless internal processes that drive extraordinary customer experiences.What's unique about this new approach to process? What's led the Harvard Business Review to say "you should be exploring process mining"? Find out more about this new approach, the AI-led technology that supports it, and how it's enabling companies to optimize processes for business outcomes.

In this program, featured Gartner Research Director Marc Kerreman explains the specific use cases of process mining and Southard Jones, VP of Product Marketing, at Celonis explains how leading companies like Vodafone, Siemens, and Uber use Celonis' process excellence platform to create frictionless processes and drive better customer experiences.

Marc Kerremans - Gartner
Marc Kerremans
Gartner Research Director
Southard Jones
VP Product Marketing
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