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IBM and Celonis

Pioneering the new era of consulting

Celonis helps companies reveal and fix the inefficiencies they can’t see.

Titanium partners in name and nature, IBM and Celonis are bringing market-leading technology to clients – helping businesses reach unprecedented levels of performance. 

The ambition and initial impact of the partnership rightly hit the headlines since we announced it in 2021. 

With more than 3,000 IBM practitioners already trained on Celonis, and 1,750 certified resources we’ve got off to a flying start and will soon meet our goal to train 10,000. Let’s take a look at how we got here.


What’s in it for you?

Get to value faster

Provide your clients with their full digital truth – across any service, program or practice.

Take targeted action

Solve your clients’ problems more efficiently by taking targeted, data-driven action.

Boost your revenue

Use market-leading technology to win more projects, unlock new revenue, and increase satisfaction.

Take their word for it

John Granger IBM

IBM consultants using Celonis stand to accelerate value realization for clients and open up new revenue streams for themselves. The possibilities that come from working with a market-leader like Celonis are huge and we are delighted with what it’s helping our consultants and clients achieve.

John Granger
SVP of IBM Consulting
Chief Revenue Officer

Through the strategic partnership with IBM and Red Hat, we are powering the shift from analog to intelligent business execution, helping many of the world’s largest companies with their transactional systems, and boosting their business performance.

Miguel Milano
Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Owner

Add our performance system to your toolbox

Learn why IBM teams are embedding Celonis at their core, including how IBM uses Celonis to provide clients with insights that drive major value. 

“Our ambition is to make the Celonis EMS [Execution Management System] available in every single consultant’s toolbox – and certifying them all too. Why wouldn’t we?” – Scott Layton, VP, Global Leader of Finance Transformation, IBM.


Always on time: Execution Apps

IBM teams can build the perfect app for their client in the Celonis Studio. Every app includes the full capabilities of the Celonis Execution Management System.

The IBM Transportation Management: Freight Excellence app is one example. Built in collaboration with Celonis, the app helps companies consistently deliver on time – reducing annual transportation costs and shipment delays. This results in faster time to payment and happier customers. Spend is reduced and cash flow is improved when shipments arrive without delays and errors.

Less cash out, more cash in.  

IBM Freight Excellence App
IBM Freight Excellence App

And just like that… Celonis in action

Just a few minutes and we’ll show you the basics of process mining: what it is, how it works, and how to get started. Sign-up and we’ll take it from there.

P.S. It makes big client wins easy.

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The Celonis Difference.

Provide a 360 view of your clients' processes.

Uncover process inefficiencies, their root causes and impact.

Unlock new levels of business performance.

Unlock measurable business performance - fast.

Celonis Fast Facts


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“From a market share perspective, Celonis is dominating.”


“Celonis is in the business of understanding business processes and to make them run better.”

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Market Leader by all industry analysts

Want to know more about our partnership?

Get in touch with: 

Mehmet Midyat

Vice President, Global Technology Partnerships


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