Process Mining Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud provides the world's most advanced Process Mining AI engine. Extract data from your operational systems and create a "Digital Twin" and process model that allows you to understand your business processes with the power of AI.

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How Does AI Process Mining Work?

Get answers to process questions in real-time

Celonis aggregates data from user interactions and your IT systems in real-time so that you can proactively take action to eliminate downstream friction, or take advantage of opportunities to improve processes before they contribute negative outcomes — instead of the opposite.

Construct Your Digital Twin

Celonis creates a process model that spans your entire business from Order-to-Cash to Procure-to-Pay to Recruit-to-Retire—and connects them all to user desktop activities. This constructs a a complete picture of your organization—or, a “Digital Twin.” Leverage this all-encompassing process model to understand every opportunity to improve operations across disparate systems and processes.

Understand how upstream events and user interactions impact outcomes

With a comprehensive process model connected to business outcomes, Machine Learning can sift through the noise to pinpoint the exact user actions or system events that have largest influence on desired outcome.

Predict the best path forward at each step of the process

In your business, every “case” (orders, service requests, invoices) has its own unique journey determined by many variables. By knowing every last detail that drives the journey, you can predict and adjust the path of future cases.

Process Mining AI Features & Capabilities

The Celonis Process Mining Engine brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to your process excellence efforts.

Screenshot - Process Mining AI

In-Memory Process Mining Engine

The Celonis In-Memory Process Engine supports massive data sets with query response times of less than 1/8 of a second, allowing anyone to get instant answers to their process questions and trigger instant actions.

Screenshot - Process Mining AI
Screenshot - PQL

Process-Specific Query Language

Celonis Process Query Language (PQL) provides a simple, fast way for you to create specific KPIs, without having to write SQL statement or ask a developer to write code. PQL also comes with pre-built functions for processes.

Screenshot - PQL
Screenshot - Process Mining AI

Multi-Event Logs & Cross-Process Models

Your business processes are intertwined, and the outcome of one process is the input to another process. Celonis provides the ability to see how different processes are connected to one other with multi-event logs, creating a unified process model for your entire business.

Screenshot - Process Mining AI
Screenshot - Task Mining Case Matching

Business Event to User Interaction Data Joins

Celonis Process Mining algorithms create data structures that go beyond traditional event logs, by connecting processes to user desktop behaviors by matching case IDs in event logs to case IDs in user desktop activities.

Screenshot - Task Mining Case Matching
Siemens Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer

“The innovative algorithm enables us to make complex processes transparent–something that simply couldn’t be done before.”

Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer
Head of Global Process Mining Services

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