Process mining in the cloud

The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud, built on our patented process mining technology, is the worldโ€™s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for supporting your business transformation initiatives.

With customer expectations and market conditions driving the need for greater speed, efficiency and value, the Intelligent Business Cloud combines cutting-edge technology and process optimization into a groundbreaking new standard for companies seeking to change the way they do business.

Beyond visualizing processes

Now you can not only see and analyze data and workflow, but mobilize everyone in your organization to work together to intelligently transform your business.

How? Celonis created the Intelligent Business Cloud as a natural extension of the process mining technology we pioneered. It provides insights and actionable next steps for business transformationโ€“as well as the means to take those stepsโ€“all within the cloud.

process-mining-in-cloud (1)
process-mining-in-cloud (1)

Welcome to next-gen business transformation

Celonis has consistently produced a cost-effective, rapid time-to-value option for gaining compelling process insights. Itโ€™s only natural, then, that we would look for ways to innovate on how businesses can successfully accomplish the next stageโ€“transformation.

Moving to the cloud offers numerous benefits for companies that want to save costs, reduce risks and increase their capacity to compete:


For most companies in todayโ€™s marketplace, success comes through adaptability. Cloud-based operations are ideal to meet fluctuating demand so that businesses of any size can shift quickly without impacting their day-to-day workflow.


Cloud computing helps lower capital expenditures by cutting hardware purchases and ongoing maintenance costs. And it frees another valuable resource: your IT staff can now focus on enhancing the user experience for all stakeholders.


Remote work has become an everyday reality. Working in the cloud removes those remaining tethers that may impede full productivity. Now employees can work without being restricted by device, location or schedule.

Security & Recovery

Non-localized data storage means you donโ€™t have to worry about lost laptops or server failures. Cloud-based backups and remote access mean you can restore or restrict data as needed, from anywhere at any time.


Especially for projects across departments, locations or organizations, cloud equals collaboration. Rather than worry about duplicate efforts or version control, you have the kind of transparency that provides one version of the truth.

Environmental responsibility

End consumers are increasingly holding companies accountable for their environmental impact. Working in the cloud means less energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Intelligent Business Cloud Platform

Exploring some specific benefits of adopting the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud.


Powerful end-to-end platform

The Intelligent Business Cloud is built upon a strong foundation of proven process mining technology, but also features a seamless combination of Event Collection, Process Discovery, Process Analytics, Action Engine and Intelligent Business Apps. In short, itโ€™s everything you need for business transformation success.


Collaborative environment

Bring the Intelligent Business Cloud experience to everyone. Discuss next steps in the transformation center, cooperate to address Action Engine signals, share successes and celebrate everyone being on the same page in order to cultivate a common understanding and support of your companyโ€™s progress.


No-hassle setup, no maintenance

Instead of focusing resources on infrastructure, focus on producing results right away. The Intelligent Business Cloud makes connecting faster and easier, and no on-premise installation means no on-premise upkeep.


Ready for enterprise

Celonis has enabled business transformation for companies like Siemens, GM, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone, making us uniquely positioned to address the priorities of the worldโ€™s leading enterprises. Through feedback and co-innovation projects, our Intelligent Business Cloud continues to evolve to help businesses save money while driving customer satisfaction.


Infinite scalability

Success fosters growth. Donโ€™t be limited by conventional frameworks. Do you need to add more processes or users? Our Intelligent Business Cloud infrastructure scales to meet all your process and user requirements.


Data security and loss prevention

Enjoy peace of mind for your data with two-factor authentication, tenant encryption, encrypted service communication, data permissions and many other security features. Of course, the Intelligent Business Cloud also fulfills ISO I-27001 security requirements.


Always up to date

Instantly access new features the moment they are publishedโ€”because growing businesses with growing needs donโ€™t have time to wait for time-consuming updates.


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