IWD 2023 On-Demand Webinar

An International Women's Day Celebration

Celonis, in partnership with Women in Process Mining (WIPM) celebrates IWD with a webinar featuring Anastasia Mikova, Director from the movie ‘Woman’ (2020) - worldwide project giving a voice to 2000 women across 50 different countries.

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Behind the Scenes with Anastasia Mikova

WOMAN is a worldwide project giving a voice to 2000 women across 50 different countries. Despite its very large scale, the film offers an intimate portrait of those who constitute half of humanity. It is an opportunity to shed light on the injustices women are subjected to all over the world, but what WOMAN would like to underline most is the inner strength of women and their capacity to change the world despite all the difficulties they are facing. Based on first-person encounters, the project deals with topics such as motherhood, education, marriage and work.

In this exclusive webinar with the Director, Anastasia Mikova we go behind the scenes to understand the incredible journey she took from conception to launch.

Tune in to discover:

  • Her background and work on social and humanist issues
  • Why she decided to do this movie
  • How she conducted 2000 interviews in +50 countries

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Anastasia Mikova
Writer, journalist, film director
Laila Beswick
VP Field Marketing EMEA & Japan
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